Intervention Level

40 - Pre Training

Understand the business needs of the intervention, at the following levels:

  • Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  • Contextualised Content
  • Placement Test
  • Pre & Post Assessments
  • Pre & Post Reads
  • 360 Feedback

20 - Training

Execute the plan and manage the logistics using training methods:

  • Activity Based Active Learning
  • Guided Discovery Method
  • Total Physical Response
  • Avoiding PowerPoint Presentations
  • Training Actors
  • Theatre Based Learning

40 - Post Training

Apply concepts discussed in the classroom using tools such as:

  • Coaching
  • Practice Tasks
  • Recognition Emails
  • eLearning
  • Momentum Based Interventions
  • Help Desks

Programme level

Guided Discovery Method

Our instructors have a clear map of where their trainees need to go and the path they need to take to get there. However, this information is not given to the trainees at one time. Instead, trainees are invited to ask questions and experience things which will ultimately lead them to their goal. They are shown the way forward and then are allowed to discover things for themselves. The Guided Discovery Method has the benefits of instilling and promoting in individuals the ability to:

  • Question
  • Compare
  • Deduce Facts
  • Listen
  • Integrate knowledge
  • Invent
  • Reflect

Training Actors

A Training-Actor is a professional actor who steps into the arena of training. The concept of using trained actors is quite popular in Europe as it serves a unique purpose. During a usual role-play the participants get self-conscious and the learning point gets pushed into the background. A trained actor makes the interaction very ‘real’ as he plays the role with objectivity.
A practise session with a training actor is the closest experience to reality. We have several models that allow a variety of interaction and various ways that the trainees can ‘experience’ the learning.

Total Physical Response

This is another method that we use to aid learning. Total Physical Response (TPR) encourages trainees to ‘physically’ experience concepts that they have to learn – trainees are able to grasp concepts using physical movement. This serves to reduce inhibitions and allows them to react to inputs without a brain-drain, facilitates long-term retention and reduces anxiety and stress.

My association with Navaz dates back to more than five years. Besides being an exceptional human being, she is a trainer par excellence.

Notwithstanding the fact, that I am a firm believer in training by in-house Trainers, I have no hesitation in saying that when it came to outsourcing of Training for British/US Accent.

For Accent Training, it had to be Navaz. She has the unusual knack of vibing with the participants and she deftly integrates the ‘Learning & Fun ‘ concept, which is so important in the present day scenario. Trainees have nostalgic memories of her sessions and are able to relate with the learning. My best wishes to her in the new endeavour. I have no doubt, she would bring all her learning and experience in the new venture and do an equally great job. God Bless.

– Baljit Ahluwalia, Director – Training, DELL International Services

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