Learning & Development

We have a strong and reputable history in learning and development, providing our clients with a wide array of programmes that encompass both behavioural and skills based needs. Our dynamic team of facilitators are able to deliver powerful session to any audience from individual contributors to the top management of large organizations.

We develop and implement measurable interventions to help our clients achieve their business goals and take a focused approach to delivering results to ensure the work that we do has the greatest impact on our client’s business.

Our approach of using the performing arts, especially theatre techniques offers a truly refreshing and engaging experience for the learner. It also helps with retention and implementation of the learning objectives making it far more effective.

We believe that communication is arguably the single most important skill that everyone needs to be successful both as in individual contributor and as a leader. In large organizations this need is amplified due to the diverse background of the stakeholders involved.

Since all skills and behaviours eventually are hinged on how they are “applied” or communicated, we have listed it as a category by its self.

Intrinsic Skills as a category is all about self reflection. Here we focus on all the characteristic or competencies that a person needs to fulfill his purpose in the organisation. A coalescence of these characteristics will drive success.

People Skills envelope a range of interpersonal competencies. In business and organizational development, the emphasis is on social-emotional awareness, self-management, collaboration, negotiation, conflict resolution and decision-making. In this category our programmes cover all of these competencies and many more.

Cutting Edge courses are for our most discerning clients, ones that have done the circuit of traditional training titles. As the name suggest this category includes our latest and most ‘Cutting Edge’ initiatives. Programmes in this category include Drama-based learning using “Training Actors”. Our Train-the-Trainer, Managers As Facilitators and Outbound Team Building programmes are hot favourites .

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