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What would you like your teams to do? Increase productivity? Function more independently? Focus more on the solution rather than the problem?

Be Agile. Collaborate. Own. Question. Execute.

A learning experience is most effective when it is authentic and close to real-world scenarios. We strive to make our sessions as practical as possible by focusing most on the ‘how’ of any skills or behaviour.



40 Pre | 20 Training | 40 Post

For us, learning is not an event, and we live this belief, through our design principle of 40:20:40

Guided Discovery Method (GDM)

We use proven and tested adult learning techniques that provides an immersive experience for the delegates.

Blended Learning

We offer a range of learning formats including: Customised training programmes | Digital learning | Executive Coaching


Course Details

 Programme Duration: 4 to 16 hours

 Audience Profile: Individual Contributors / Young Managers

 Trainer Profile: Associate Master Trainer / Senior Associate Master Trainer


Pre Training (40%)


  • L1 – Need Analysis

    Our focus is to understand the impact matrix of the programme. We meet with the leaders to gain their perspective.

  • 360 Degree Feedback

    We can run a 360 degree feedback for the delegates to get a deeper understanding of their standing in the orgainzation.

  • Pre & Post Reads

    To maximise the training impact, we send contextualised content in a digital format making it easy for the delegates to absorb.

  • Psychometric Assessment Tool (PAT)

    We could also run a PAT which would help us personalise the programme for each delegate based on their communication and leadership styles.

  • Pre-assessment

    We also conduct Assessment to map the participants behaviour, skills and communication in difficult situations.


Training (20%)

Key Topics

Listening for Key Information

Listening for Non-verbal Cues

Active and Passive Listening

Listening for Potential

Models for Listening



Post Training (40%)

Learning Application Tools

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